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8a Checklist

  1. The firm's federal tax returns for the past three years.
  2. Personal federal tax returns for the past three years for individuals that own more than 10% of the firm.
  3. The firm's financial statements for the past three years (include the most recent financial statements which are within 90 days of the firms’ application date.
  4. List of all of the firm’s contracts for the past two years
  5. Lease agreements of which the firm is apart.
  6. Copy of the bank signature cards or letter from the bank.
  7. Proof of funds contributed to acquire ownership in the firm for each owner.
  8. Proof and documentation of any transfer of assets to and from the firm
  9. Proof of any transfer of assets to and from any of its owners over the past two years
  10. State filings where the firm conducts business
    • Certificate of good standing for the business
    • Foreign corporation filings/status
    • Articles of incorporation as well as the articles of organization
    • Doing Business As filings
  11. Governing documents, signed by the principals
    • Bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements
    • Meeting minutes
    • Stock certificates and ledgers
  12. For majority owners and firm managers:
    • Proof the primary owner suffers from social disadvantage
    • Proof the primary owners suffers from economic disadvantage
  13. Background information and personal information for all principals:
    • Resume
    • Statement of Personal History
    • Proof of U.S. citizenship or naturalization
    • Time devoted to the firm and position within the firm
    • Other business interests explained and time devotion
    • Any outside employment from the firm and time devotion to that employment
  14. Financial information for all principals:
    • Personal tax returns for the last three years including schedules and attachments
    • Completed personal financial statement form for both individual and spouse
    • List of all assets, liabilities, personal property, and real estate as well as transferred assets
    • Any Information regarding the delinquency of federal tax obligations or past due taxes.
    • Any information with regard to tax liens, bankruptcy filings and pending civil lawsuits
    • Detailed list of all SBA loans for both the applicant firm as well as SBA

loans for all other businesses owned by the principal

  1. Principals include the following individuals:
    • owner(s) of 10 percent or more of the firm
    • officers and directors of the firm
    • members of the firm
    • partners
    • key employees
  2. Two-Year Rule Waiver applies when a firm has been conducting business for less than two years
    • The owner must demonstrate substantial past business management experience
    • Demonstrated the ability to enact and carry out the firm’s business plan
    • Adequate capital to run the firm on an ongoing basis
    • The firm must have a record of being successful run by the applicant owners. This is demonstrated by the performance of contracts which reflect the different sizes the firm can handle as well as the variety of services/products the firm provides. Additional evidence such as billing invoices and bank statements reflecting deposit of receipts are necessary.
    • Evidence also to include letters of reference from the firm’s clients.
    • Ability to obtain the personnel, facilities, equipment, and any other requirements to perform on contracts
    • If the firm has not generated revenue, you will be unable to waive the two-year rule


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