Your business is ready for success when your dominoes are lined up:

"Success is about doing the right thing. Not about doing everything right"

  1. You know and can explain your business’ value proposition in 30 and 60 seconds
  2. You have a strong capability statement
  3. You can demonstrate your ability to fulfill contracts
  4. If required, you have obtained the necessary certification
  5. Your website and marketing collateral effectively tell your story
  6. You have made yourself findable in other business portals
  7. You are networking with other veteran-owned businesses and building contacts
  8. You have done your research on business prospects

Government Contracting

We offer government opportunity consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.


With about $500 billion spent annually at the federal level on goods and services, there is plenty of room for all types of businesses in 2018 to have a profitable year from government contracts. Many businesses find that government contracting is their secret weapon for profits. According to “ Trends in Federal Contracting for Small Businesses a report by American Express OPEN, 50 percent of government contractors reported that their profitability rose as a result of federal contracting.

Our Specializations

Government Contracting Coaching

The Federal Acquisition Regulation System (FARS), improper business practices, and personal conflicts of interest, publicizing contract actions, outsourcing/privatization, and competition requirements. Addresses acquisition plans, contractor qualifications, contract delivery, and performance. Explains socio-economic policies, commercial items, options, sealed bidding, and negotiation. Review general contracting requirements, intellectual property, cost accounting standards, cost principles, financing, protests, disputes, and appeals. Explores research and development contracting, construction and architect-engineer contracts, inspection and warranty, value engineering, delays, suspension of work, modifications, subcontracting, and government contract termination.


Whole Life Coaching

The key to successful life coaching is to focus on your clients’ “whole” lives as interconnected. This multi-dimensional approach is what improves their overall level of happiness, success, and prosperity. It is also what enables them to transform multiple aspects of their lives for the better.

A common path among life coaches is to work with clients who are currently traveling a path similar to the coach’s past experiences. For example, perhaps you’ve reinvented your life after an unexpected job-loss that sent you on a year-long self-exploration, traveling around the world. Now you want to help others find their joy as well. Or maybe you are a successful entrepreneur who has created a life of balance and ease through mindfulness and yoga. Now you want to capitalize on your knowledge and experience while giving the next generation a helping hand. So you focus on the business owner’s whole life and create a service package that makes the central component of a sustainable business.


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