Contracting Readiness Checklist


After months of hard work we now have a bulletproof solution that will offer our customers the best building platform.


  • Y or N  Do you have a current marketing/sales plan that includes government marketing strategies and tactics?
  • Y or N  Have you established a travel budget to support engagement in targeted outreach/training at local, national, and/or international events?
  • Y or N  Have you established a strong elevator speech that is less than .45 seconds long?  Visit for some examples.
  • Y or N  Have you established customized, government-centric capability statements for each target agency/prime contractor? 
  • Y or N Have you registered in System for Award Management (SAM) and completed your SBA profile on the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS)?
  • Y or N Have you completed/are you willing to complete in depth research to determine government and prime contractor targets to find out which agencies and companies are most likely to buy your products/services?
  • Y or N  Have you developed capture management strategies for your business, including a call plan listing 2 - 4

potential target agencies/prime contractors/teaming partners?

  • Y or N  Have you registered at to receive solicitation notices [>$25K] from the federal government?
  • Y or N  Have you registered with any state/local agency or commercial company to receive solicitation notices?
  • Y or N  Have you responded to any government solicitations?
  • Y or N  As a responsible, prospective [sub] contractor, do you have adequate financial resources to perform on contracts,

or the ability to obtain resources? (See 9.104-3(a).  or non military Acceptable evidence normally consists of a commitment or explicit arrangement that exists at the time of contract award, to rent, purchase, or otherwise acquire the needed facilities, equipment, other resources, or personnel.

  • Y or N  Can you comply with the required or proposed delivery or performance schedule, considering all existing commercial

and governmental business commitments?

  • Y or N  Do you have a satisfactory performance record?  (See 9.104-3(b), Subpart 19.6, and Subpart 42.15). 
  • Y or N  Do you have a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics?  (See Subpart 42.15).
  • Y or N Do you have the necessary organization, experience, accounting and operational controls, and technical skills,

or the ability to obtain them? (Including, as appropriate, such elements as production control procedures, property

control systems, quality assurance measures, and safety programs applicable to materials to be produced or services

to be performed by the prospective contractor and subcontractors).  (See 9.104-3 (a)).

  • Y or N  Do you have the necessary production, construction, and technical equipment and facilities, or the ability to obtain them?  (See 9.104-3(a)).
  • Y or N  Are you qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulations?  (See also inverted domestic corporation prohibition at 9.108).
  • Y or N  Do you have “adequate security” according to DFARS 252.204-7012 Click  and FAR 52.204-21?  Click  for compliance details.
  • Y or N  Do you want to ‘prime’ contracts See 9.1—Responsible Prospective Contractors.  Generally, prospective prime contractors are responsible for determining the responsibility of their prospective subcontractors (See 9.405 and 9.405-2 regarding debarred, ineligible, or suspended firms).  Determinations of prospective subcontractor responsibility may affect the government’s determination of the prospective prime contractor’s responsibility.  A prospective contractor may be required to provide written evidence of a proposed subcontractor’s responsibility.
  • Y or N  Do you have contingency plans such as risk management, emergency management/disaster recovery, succession planning, customer service, cybersecurity, bid protest strategy (In the future, bid protests may include a fee.), exit strategy, and others?




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